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A professional editor for most of my career, I have edited magazines, books, and scholarly journals and have dealt with subject matter ranging from sports to law to public policy to celebrity biography. I have also ghostwritten several memoirs. I released my first novel, “Wall of Dust,” published by Deux Voiliers Publishing, in 2015. I am a frequent book reviewer for the Ottawa Review of Books and contribute think pieces to the Montreal Review.
I have taught creative and expository writing at Yale and McGill and enjoy helping writers of all ages find their voice.

My greatest strength as an editor and mentor is perhaps my ability to clarify arguments and issues for the reader—whether the issue is insider jargon, technobabble, ponderous legalese, or simple vagueness—improving precision and comprehension while also preserving the writer’s own distinctive voice. Having trained as a lawyer, I am also a stickler for factual accuracy, and provide      thorough research on any topic I deal with.

While my fiction has been described as “lyrical,” my expository prose is spare and precise. I present facts and ideas clearly and with the appropriate context for full understanding by the targeted reader.

Services Offered

Editing, copyediting, business communication, ghostwriting, translation, coaching at all stages of non-fiction writing.

Special Interests

Law, public policy, memoir, biography, ghostwriting.

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