Application for Inclusion in the QWF “Hire a Writer” Directory:

We accept applications from writers who wish to be included in the directory on an ongoing basis; however applications received in the summer months will be held until September for a decision. Otherwise, you can expect a response within two to four weeks.

We welcome applications from all qualified individuals, and encourage Indigenous persons, persons of colour, LGBTQ+ and gender-nonconforming persons, persons with disabilities, women, and members of any other marginalized group to self‐identify if they are comfortable doing so.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply, you must be a current QWF member and meet at least one of the following criteria for each category you are applying for:

  • have already had at least one book published with a recognized publisher (i.e., not self-published)
  • have had at least five texts published in recognized journals (print or online)
  • have had at least one screenplay for cinema or television produced by a producer recognized by the CALQ or SODEC
  • have had at least one dramatic work either published by a recognized publisher or performed by a professional company.

Note that meeting the above criteria does not guarantee inclusion in the directory.

Application Procedure

All applications must be sent by email to with the subject line “Hire A Writer – Author’s Name”

Send an email with the following information attached in ONE Word or PDF document.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Website
  • LinkedIn link
  • Genre(s) in which you are qualified to coach or edit
  • Author and teaching/coaching/editing cv – for each genre you are applying for.
  • List of publications (name of article/piece + name of publication + year of publication) for each genre you are apply for – fiction, non-fiction etc.
  • Hourly rate (not for publication on the Hire a Writer website)

In addition, please attach pdfs showing three examples of your published work (20 pages maximum for each example) – we do not accept links. 

Selected writers will be asked to pay a $25 annual fee in order to cover QWF’s administration costs.

For questions, contact Lori Schubert at or 514-933-0878.