This is a curated directory of Quebec Writers’ Federation (QWF) members who offer professional writing and editing services. Its objectives are:

  • to provide aspiring and emerging writers in all genres with a list of qualified professional writers whom they can hire to give them advice, feedback, or editorial assistance on their manuscripts;
  • to give QWF members who have appropriate professional credentials a place to advertise their writing, coaching, consulting and editorial services.

Whether you’re looking for help with structuring your novel, making your memoir gripping, polishing your poems, fine-tuning your grant application, portraying diverse characters with authenticity, or writing a great book proposal, there’s a writer here with the skills to help you. The directory also includes professionals who can produce original articles, commissioned biographies, ghost writing, media releases, and speeches.

This is a directory only, not a pairing service. The writers are independent of QWF, which will not be involved in matching you with an author or in fee negotiation. It’s up to you to read their credentials, choose whom you’d like to work with, contact them and negotiate fees. You can email each writer directly from his or her page in the directory.

Depending on the service and the experience of the writing consultant you work with, you can expect to pay an hourly rate of between $35 and $75 or a flat fee based on your project.

While QWF will not be involved in the process, we invite those who use the directory to provide feedback on their experience, using the “Feedback” link to the right.