What is Hire a Writer?

Hire a Writer is an online directory of professional writers, editors, literary coaches, and more. Developed to serve both the literary and business communities, it helps businesses, organizations, and aspiring writers find quality assistance from established, experienced writers.

What services can I find on Hire a Writer?

Hire a Writer has been curated to offer a wide range of services for an array of industries and types of clients. Here, you’ll find writers specializing in everything from drafting corporate reports, copywriting, and producing articles and web content to editing manuscripts, ghostwriting, and coaching aspiring writers.

Who should use Hire a Writer?

Here are just a few examples of who should use Hire a Writer:

  • Businesses seeking content, press releases, reviews, technical manuals, and other documentation
  • Governments, NGOs, and CEOs seeking speechwriters and communications professionals
  • Emerging writers looking for coaching or mentoring with a writing project
  • Novelists looking for beta-readers or substantive editors
  • French-language organizations seeking English translations
  • Academics who need support writing and/or editing reports, textbooks, or grant applications
  • Individuals looking for a ghostwriter or “as-told-to” writer for their memoirs

Why should I use Hire a Writer?

Hire a Writer is managed and curated by the Quebec Writers’ Federation (QWF) and consists exclusively of experienced, professional writers. Each writer here has been evaluated and approved for inclusion by an independent committee, ensuring they meet our high standards for quality, experience, and expertise. Plus, with over 50 searchable categories to explore, you’re sure to find an expert who can help you with your project, whether it’s critiquing your manuscript, polishing your collection of poems, or developing web content for your business.

What is the Quebec Writers’ Federation (QWF)?

The Quebec Writers’ Federation a non-profit organization and Canadian registered charity that provides English-language programs, services, opportunities, and community for writers and the wider literary community. Established in 1998, QWF is the province’s premier source of English-writing talent and includes over 400 professional members working in fiction, non-fiction, journalism, academia, and more.

Visit the QWF website to learn more.

How do I find a writer for my project?

We make it simple to find the right writer for your project. Search the Directory to find writers with the expertise you need, then contact them directly.

Many members are qualified in multiple categories and work in several languages. Their competencies are listed by Genre, Service, and Content, and you can find more specific services by using the Search function. Once you’ve found a writer you like, you can contact them directly by the email address on their page.

How much does it cost to hire a writer?

Depending on the service and the experience of the writing consultant you work with, you can expect to pay an hourly rate of between $35 and $75 or a flat fee based on your project.

Note that directory members work independently of QWF, and QWF is not involved in the matching of clients or in fee negotiations. Users are responsible for choosing a writer with whom they’d like to work, contacting them, and negotiating fees. Users can email writers directly from their page in the Directory.

I’m a professional writer looking for work. How do I join Hire a Writer?

Professional writers can submit an application to join Hire a Writer. In most cases, you can expect a response within two to four weeks, except in the summer months when applications are held until September for a decision.

To join Hire a Writer, you must be a current QWF member and have a proven work history in your chosen genre(s).  To learn more about eligibility requirements, visit Apply to Join Hire a Writer.