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I have a BA in Cinema-Television Production from the University of Southern California, and studied screenwriting under primo script guru Bob McKee, author of Story and Dialogue, as well as Margaret Mehring (prof to John Singleton, director of Boyz in the Hood) and old-time American journalist and author, Norman Corwin, who encouraged me to pursue a career in writing.

Over the years I’ve applied my storytelling skills to write and edit documentaries, lifestyle shows, and factual series, and more recently, to write and co-create the award-winning true crime series for CBC, The Detectives, for which I was nominated twice for a CSA in best writing.

I’ve written and directed light comedies, dramas, and thrillers (current CV on my website:  I’ve worked with “name“ Hollywood actors such as Academy Award nominee Gary Busey (Buddy Holly Story), Patrick Bergin (Sleeping with the Enemy), Billy Zane (Titanic), Academy Award winner Martin Landau (Ed Wood), and screen icon Tony Curtis in his last screen performance.  My background in scripted and documentary formats has introduced me to a diversity of worlds filled with fascinating and strange individuals serving as inspiration for a writer’s imagination.  I’m good with giving stories form and structure, as well as creating compelling and nuanced characters, and since I’ve directed feature films and several television shows I approach screenwriting with a director’s eye.

Currently I’m working with a number of independent production companies on a variety of limited series and docu-dramas, as well as an Indiana Jones-styled action/adventure feature, and some personal projects.

Services Offered

Script consulting, editing, coaching written or via Zoom. Reader’s report or informal discussion. Script polish.

Special Interests

Screenplays, from early concept to first draft. Outlines/treatments, limited-series bibles of all genres with an eye to current market trends.

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