Rohan Quinby


Nonfiction, Academic

Special Interests

I like writing about cities and other places, as well as about memory and history. So I’m drawn to creative nonfiction and memoir, as well as to writing about arts and culture. From corporate reports to philosophical manuscripts, good writing and storytelling should reveal transformation, both in ourselves and the world.

 Brief Bio

I am a freelance writer, editor, and author of Time and the Suburbs—a book about contemporary suburbia published by ARP in 2011. I have worked as a cultural journalist, speechwriter, script consultant, ghostwriter, and editor in Quebec, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada’s Yukon.

With a Masters degree in Public Policy from Massey University in New Zealand, I’ve written corporate newsletters, edited academic manuscripts, and helped advanced students write in English as a second language.

Services Offered

I enjoy helping people write clearly and communicate effectively. Whether you are working on a memoir, an essay, a manuscript, or a newsletter, I can help you with structure and voice, clarity and accessibility. From concept development to line editing, I want to help you tell your story. 


“To the extent that this is readable and not just another academic exercise, I am deeply in your debt.”

– Aaron Jaffe, author of Social Reproduction Theory from Pluto Press.

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