Matthew Richardson


Nonfiction, Academic

Special Interests

Matthew is an experienced wordsmith who specializes in large, longer-term projects, where he is adept at taking masses of information and making it accessible to a wider audience. He particularly enjoys working with academics and university students.

 Brief Bio

Matthew is an award-winning author with a particular interest in natural history writing. One of the world’s leading experts on biodiversity conservation (Threatened and Recently-extinct Vertebrates, Cambridge University Press 2023), as well as primatology (Lemurs of Madagascar, Living Primates of the World, An Illustrated History of Primatology) and paleontology (Life Through the Ages), he has also written historical non-fiction (The Royal Book of Lists), biographies, film scripts, and novels.

Services Offered

  • Ghostwriting, manuscript evaluation, academic papers, scientific articles
  • A “publishing sherpa,” from initial ideas through every stage towards eventual publication
  • Available remotely for full or part-time copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading

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