Leila Marshy


Fiction, Nonfiction, Corporate

Special Interests

Literary fiction (short stories and novels), nonfiction, academic, memoir.

Pedagogical material, educational writing.

Marketing writing, corporate writing, web content, press releases.

Brief Bio

Leila has published stories and poetry in dozens of Canadian and American journals and anthologies and has worked as a writing coach and mentor in schools and for individuals. She spent many years in the pedagogical sector, writing, editing and project managing.

Her novel, The Philistine, was published in 2018.

Services Offered

I can offer a wide range of services from basic read-throughs to line editing, full edits, and polishing drafts. We would discuss your needs, the timeline for deliveries, and what you expect from my input. Together, we would work out the best way to move forward. I like working with other writers and helping them find and hone their voice.


“Leila has been mentoring and editing my stories for three years now. Her amazing talent as a writer and a teacher has helped me find my writerly voice and improved my technique. Several of the stories she has helped me with have been published in prestigious journals, one of which was nominated for the 2019 Journey Prize. Without Leila’s guidance, support and unique knack of turning some of my most gruesomely painful periods of self-doubt into invaluable (and fun!) learning experiences, I wouldn’t be on the successful path of an emerging writer that I am on today.”

—Elizabeth Ball


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