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Fiction, nonfiction

Special Interests

Short stories, novels, biography, and memoir. Working one-on-one makes for a rewarding relationship and successful results.

Brief Bio

I am the author of the novel, Don’t Ask; a short story collection, Tell Me a Story, Tell Me the Truth; and several biographies including Midway to China and Beyond.  As a writing coach and editor, I have worked on a diverse range of projects: a chick-lit novel by a best-selling novelist, a first-time author’s work of historical fiction, and a G-G winning journalist’s collection of 20 short stories. I have ghost-written the autobiographies of two child survivors of the Holocaust and continue to offer coaching and editorial feedback on memoir-writing.

Service Offered

One-page manuscript critique; full edit; in-person or virtual consultation to discuss feedback; and ongoing coaching.


“Gina is a gifted short story editor. First of all, she knows how to help the writer make characters come alive and sees the details that can be enhanced to make a story sing. She also has good ideas about how to make the narrative line of the story hold the reader.” (Sheila Arnopoulos, author, Jackrabbit Moon)

“The idea to write a book about his life, and specifically the many chapters in his business life, was not a new one for my husband, Gary Bromberg. But how to do it? His children…decided to make the book a reality in the form of a gift in honour of their father’s 70th birthday. Gina Roitman was the answer. She was a wonderful choice to give wings to Gary’s stories and portray them in a manner that reflects the man – his character, his sense of adventure and his sense of humor. ” (Rhonda Wolfe,  Prologue to Midway to China and Beyond by Gary Bromberg and Gina Roitman) 

“…and a special thank you to my final editor, Gina Roitman, who worked to marshal the most important narratives of my writing to produce this cohesive and comprehensive story of my life.” (Sidney Zoltak, author, My Silent Pledge: A Journey of Struggle, Survival and Remembrance)


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