Elise Moser


Fiction, nonfiction

Special Interests

Literary fiction (short stories and novels), nonfiction, academic manuscripts, mystery, science fiction and fantasy, children’s and young adult, and memoir

Brief Bio

I am a writer and editor. My publications include thirty short stories, a literary novel for adults and a YA novel. I have edited or co-edited several anthologies. I’ve done copyediting, proofreading, line editing, substantive editing and manuscript assessments. I am bilingual and although I am not a translator, I have worked on a number of projects where the text originated in French and needed massaging into correct and colloquial English. My publications include thirty short stories, a literary novel for adults, a YA novel, and a nonfiction book for kids 8-12.

Services Offered

I can offer whatever level of support you need, from a simple read-through to a detailed edit, down to the last comma. I am happy to edit a project through multiple revisions or coach you as your project develops over time. Clients often return to me with revised or new work, including pieces they are preparing to submit to journals, contests, and publishers. Having spent over thirty years in the book industry as a bookseller, publishers’ sales rep, and author, I can also give you advice on the writing life or on getting published.

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