Cora Siré


Fiction, Nonfiction, Corporate

Special Interests

Short stories, novellas, novels, memoirs, personal essays and corporate communications.

Brief Bio

I’m the author of three books and over twenty short stories and essays. My writing has been featured in anthologies and magazines in Canada and Mexico. I have worked with many writers on their fiction and nonfiction works, delivered a writing workshop for QWF and served as a juror for the Guernica Literary Fiction Prize. I was previously employed in a demanding corporate environment and have completed short-term writing contracts for internal and external communications. I speak English, French, German and Spanish and write mainly in English.

Services Offered

I can provide quick feedback and guidance on how to improve a short piece or a manuscript. I can also work over an extended period with writers seeking to complete book-length works or develop their craft. With my cross-cultural background, I am committed to nurturing inclusiveness and empathy in the writing community.

On the corporate side, I am accustomed to working quickly within urgent deadlines on documents such as speeches, position papers, or government submissions. I can also provide coaching on how to improve business communications.

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