Ernestine Daubner

I’m so glad to have asked Elise to assess my debut novel. Her insightful and detailed feedback prompted me to shift chapters around, add and delete sections, flesh out a major character, and alter the ending – edits that resulted in a smoother, clearer, and more powerful story. Most importantly, she reminded me that ‘showing’ …

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Sivan Slapak

Last year, I asked Elise to read and give feedback on a manuscript I was preparing to send out to publishers. While it had gone through some previous editing, Elise’s recommendations to lift it to the next level were deft and insightful. From major structural changes to punctuation choices, her eye was sharp and skillful; …

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Andie Davis

I came to [Rob] in distress, stuck at about one-third of the way through my first novel. …Rob was able to provide such a wealth of insights into the characters and narrative elements that I immediately became unstuck and able to flow the rest of the way. That manuscript, meticulously enhanced with Rob’s editorial guidance, …

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Danielle Lapointe

Working with Wiebke not only provided incredibly helpful insight and perspective which greatly improved and enriched my script, but also helped me grow as a screenwriter and storyteller. I would highly recommend Wiebke as a script consultant for anyone who wants to take their writing to the next level. —Danielle Lapointe, Writer & Director

Alice Switocz Goldbloom

Claire was the editor of my dreams. Throughout the entire process of crafting my hybrid memoir, she provided invaluable support and guidance. Even at the beginning, when I only had a few thousand words and was unsure of my story’s potential, Claire encouraged me to keep writing. She knew I had a story even before …

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