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I am a novelist, journalist, and writing instructor who has garnered several awards and taught writing workshops for over twenty years. Penguin Putnam published my first novel and my work has appeared in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, the Miami Herald and USA Today.

Services Offered

Writing is my life. Words are my next of kin. As a wordsmith, I help writers produce precise and sparkling prose. When evaluating and editing, I emphasize precision, brevity, and auditory aesthetics. I can evaluate a first or later draft of a novel or story and tell you of its strengths, its weaknesses, and how you can increase the former and eliminate the latter.

I offer stylistic editing, copy editing, coaching, and one-page evaluations. You can consult me about matters regarding realism, from cultural authenticity—I have taught cross-cultural writing workshops for over 20 years and written extensively about African American culture—to concerns about factual accuracy and logical continuity.

A brief background in counseling psychology sharpens my skill as a coach and instructor. From professional and personal experience, I understand why people write and why they don’t.

Special Interests

Literary and popular fiction, cross-cultural writing, coaching, writer’s block.

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