Special Interests

Print journalism, interviews, correspondence, newsletters, outreach, personal profiles

Brief Bio

I love the art of the interview and I know the local English journalism scene in Montreal. I’ve written extensively for the Montreal Gazette, the Westmount Independent, other community newspapers and online publications. As a freelance reporter since 2009, an editor since 2012, and a community radio maker since 2002, I know what editors appreciate and what kinds of pitches are likely to get accepted. My research is meticulous, and I plan for and execute informative and mutually enjoyable interviews. When necessary, I strategically push to get questions answered thoroughly. I can profile any person, any event, any phenomenon, by finding and talking to the right people. I’m an editing whiz with a handle on Canadian Press, APA, and Chicago styles. My French is decent and I love helping Francophone clients work on English documents. I like people. I’m down-to-earth and yet professional and reliable.

Services Offered

Writing, substantive and copy-editing, coaching for cub reporters and freelancers

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Joanne Penhale